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Some impressions from our customers who have taken our courses

Owner since 2005 of the Cremeria Scirocco Creative Gelateria Artisan in Bologna
Andrea Bandiera, Gelateria Scirocco
Among the most important Italian professionals in the world of artisanal gelato, Andrea Bandiera impresses with competence and creativity, giving his students innumerable advice and suggestions, without hiding, something very rare, any secret of the trade.
Andrea’s course is full of many notions, inspirations and for me the notion of entrepreneur and optimization of the basic processes for doing business is fundamental. He gave me a healthy and true passion for ice cream.
I met Andrea at a training course at Cattabriga almost 5 years ago. I fell in love with his gelato straight away. It has a really perfect and consistent texture across the different `gusti` and each flavor is packed with `sapore`. Andrea is known for his gelato salati and the `Goat Cheese with candied orange and anise` is one my favorite flavor of all times. I make it myself in my shop in NoLiTa. It is always very good when I make it but it is rarely as excellent as Andrea’s version.
I spent, over several visits, more than 2 weeks working with Andrea in his laboratorio in Bologna and found the experience invaluable. What sets Andrea apart is his high tech precision and uncompromising use of the best ingredients – and also – his great character and friendly manners.
Antonio Biagi, A.B. Biagi (New York)
We know Andrea through the Maestro and president of the Academy of pastry chefs Gino Fabbri (and this already says a lot !!) We are already bewitched at the first meeting, we find ourselves in front of a person full of inspiration and very competent. We begin the course in the laboratory, a course that is well structured by theory (and all its knowledge is revealed, all the technique) to practice. Every day before we start we take stock of the previous day and any doubts or concerns are clarified. Moral: after a week with Master Andrea, we return with the awareness and the ability to be ready to make not an ice cream but IL GELATO of absolute quality of raw materials, natural thickeners (removing fatty acids from monoediglycerides etc) and tastes expertly matched !! A big thank you to a Great Master of ice cream and above all to a friend who is always present for us and follows us constantly even from afar for any eventuality.
Marta & Felice, Pasticceria Gruè (Roma)
After searching for the best gelateria and authentic gelato maker in Bologna, I was thrilled when I discovered Andrea at Cremeria Scirocco. Prior to opening VIXI Gelateria in Miami, my mission was to learn the art of gelato making from the very best in Italy. I had to be certain I was replicating the true authentic italian gelato, bringing only the best to Miami. It was my priority to learn how to make a gelato that contained no artificial ingredients, or chemicals or colorings, and had a creamy texture bringing out the true flavor of the ingredient with no camouflaged additives. I am a food lover, a healthy eater and of course a gelato lover. Being trained by Andrea Bandiera both in Bologna (his home town) and in Miami gave me the basic tools to make authentic gelato, he is very detailed in explaining the process and importance of timing and fresh ingredients. He is passionate and believes in his profession and the result of his now almost 15 years of experience is the best gelato I’ve ever tasted.
” Ho avuto il piacere di conoscere Andrea Bandiera ad una dimostrazione della ditta Irinox , e subito mi è piaciuto il suo stile . Poi ci siamo conosciuti meglio durante una consulenza nella mia Gelateria . Andrea è un grande professionista capace e molto preparato , con il quale mi è piaciuto molto lavorare . E’ sempre disponibile per consigli e chiarimenti , anche nel post consulenza in caso di problemi o dubbi trova sempre un memento per darti un’ aiuto . L’esperienza è stata molto piacevole e costruttiva , a fianco di un Gelatiere del suo calibro .
Grazie di tutto Andrea . “
Claudio Bonometti, Sapor di Gelato

The various phases of Gelato courses

1. Meeting

In this initial phase of the Gelato Course the guidelines for the creation of Gelato flavors are created with the course participants.

2. Planning

We then go on to plan the layout of the laboratory, finding raw materials that will be used later.

3. Creation

Very delicate phase of the preparation of the recipes, according to the level of the course, this phase is opportunely analyzed with the students.

4. Taste

Finally we eat Gelato! In this phase the recipes created are refined and tasted.

5. Certification

We arrived at the end of the course, summarizing the concepts acquired and giving the diplomas of attendance.

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